Jasper National Park Restaurants

Jasper, Alberta's beautiful Rocky Mountain National Park offers the small town charm
and dining hospitality to meet the needs of famished hikers, R&R seekers, and 5 Star diners' alike.

Amethyst Lodge

200 Connaught Dr, Jasper, Alberta

(780) 852-3394
Amethyst Lodge's restaurant is for family dining.

Amethyst Lodge Details

Becker's Gourmet Restaurant

Hwy 93, Jasper, Alberta

(780) 852-3535

Becker's Gourmet Restaurant Details

Jasper Wildlife Tours

Jasper Bright Spot Family Restaurant

701 Connaught Dr, Jasper, Alberta
Jasper's Bright Spot restaurant is for family dining.

(780) 852-3094

Jasper Bright Spot Family Restaurant Details

Cantonese Restaurant

608 Connaught Dr, Jasper, Alberta
Cantonese restaurant serves great cantonese style food.

(780) 852-3559

Cantonese Restaurant Details

Coco's Cafe

608 Patricia St, Jasper, Alberta
Coco's Cafe is a local favorite food stop.

(780) 852-4550

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600 Patricia St 2nd Flr, Jasper, Alberta
Jasper's Earl's restaurant is for family dining.

(780) 852-2393

Earl's Details

Fiddle River

620 Connaught Dr 2nd Flr, Jasper, Alberta
Fiddle River restaurant serves a variety of seafood and other family favorites.

(780) 852-3032

Fiddle River Details

Grandma's Place

616 Connaught Dr, Jasper, Alberta

(780) 852-5411

Grandma's Place Details

Jasper Inn Restaurant

98 Geikie St, Jasper, Alberta
Jasper's Inn restaurant is for family dining.

(780) 852-3232

Jasper Inn Details

Jasper House Dining Lounge

Banff Jasper Hwy, Jasper, Alberta

(780) 852-3113

Jasper House Dining Lounge Details

Jasper Park Lodge

Old Lodge Rd, Jasper, Alberta
Jasper Park Lodge is a family oriented fine dining location.

(780) 852-6052

Jasper Park Lodge Details

Jasper Pizza Place

402 Connaught Dr, Jasper, Alberta
Jasper Pizza Place is for pizza lovers of all ages.

(780) 852-3225

Jasper Pizza Place Details


622 Patricia St, Jasper, Alberta
Kontos family dining restaurant is for all ages.

(780) 852-3444

Kontos Details

L & W Restaurant

Hazel & Patricia St, Jasper, Alberta
Jasper's L & W restaurant is for family dining.

(780) 852-4114

L & W Restaurant Details

Lobstick Lodge

94 Geikie St, Jasper, Alberta
Jasper's Lobstick Lodge is styled for family dining.

(780) 852-4431

Lobstick Lodge Details

Maligne Canyon Restaurant

PO Box 544, Jasper, Alberta
Maligne Canyon restaurant is family oriented dining in a unique location.

(780) 852-5565

Maligne Canyon Restaurant Details

Malowneys Wine Cafe

606 Patricia St, Jasper, Alberta
Jasper's Malowneys Wine Cafe is self explanatory.

(780) 852-4559

Malowneys Wine Cafe Details

Marmot Lodge

86 Connaught Dr, Jasper, Alberta
Marmot Lodge Restaurant is for family dining.

(780) 852-4544

Marmot Lodge Details

Miss Itali Ristorante

610 Patricia St 2nd Flr, Jasper, Alberta
Italian styled food in a Jasper style restaurant.

(780) 852-4002

Miss Itali Ristorante Details

Mount Robson Restaurant

101 Pine Ave, Jasper, Alberta
Mount Robson restaurant is for family dining.

(780) 852-4504

Mount Robson Restaurant Details

Mountain Foods

606 Connaught Dr, Jasper, Alberta

(780) 852-4050

Mountain Foods Details

Mountain Rose

84 Connaught Dr, Jasper, Alberta
Mountain Rose restaurant is for family dining.

(780) 852-3800

Mountain Rose Details

North Face Pizza

618 Connaught Dr, Jasper, Alberta
Jasper's North Face Pizza is a pizza lover's delight.

(780) 852-5830

North Face Pizza Details


510 Patricia St, Jasper, Alberta
O'Sheas is a family restaurant.

(780) 852-4229

O'Sheas Details

Pyramid Lake Family Restaurant

Pyramid Lake restaurant has a fantastic family location that is 5 minutes from Jasper with views of a beautiful lake amongst the mountains.

(780) 852-5579

Pyramid Lake Family Restaurant Details

Palisades Restaurant

401 Patricia St, Jasper, Alberta
The Palisades Restaurant offers great food, moderate prices and a warm atmosphere with a majestic view.

(780) 852-5222

Palisades Restaurant Details

Sawridge Hotel Jasper

82 Connaught Dr, Jasper, Alberta
Jasper's Sawridge Hotel offers International restaurant family dining.

(780) 852-5111

Sawridge Hotel Jasper Details

Smitty's Pancake House

109 Miette Ave, Jasper, Alberta
Smitty's Pancake House offers the great family Smitty's menu we all know.

(780) 852-3111

Smitty's Pancake House Details

Soft Rock Cafe

622 Connaught Dr, Jasper, Alberta

(780) 852-5850

Soft Rock Cafe Details

Something Else Restaurant

621 Patricia St, Jasper, Alberta
Something Else Restaurant offers Greek family dining.

(780) 852-3850

Something Else Restaurant Details


610 Patricia St, Jasper, Alberta

(780) 852-4046

Spooners Details


180 Patricia St, Jasper, Alberta
Jasper's Subway offers great fast food for those on the go.

(780) 852-3991

Subway Details

Szechuan Chinese Restaurant

504 Patricia St, Jasper, Alberta
Szechuan Chinese Restaurant offers a szechuan menu for families.

(780) 852-5610

Szechuan Chinese Restaurant Details


PO Box 490, Jasper, Alberta
Tekarra is a family restaurant.

(780) 852-4624

Tekarra Details

Tokyo Tom's Place

410 Connaught Dr, Jasper, Alberta
Tokyo Tom's Place is a Japanese family restaurant.

(780) 852-3780

Tokyo Tom's Place Details

Tonquin Prime Rib Village

Juniper St & Connaught Dr, Jasper, Alberta
Jasper's Tonquin Prime Rib Village is for families.

(780) 852-4966

Tonquin Prime Rib Village Details

Truffles & Trout

Jasper, Alberta

(780) 852-9697

Truffles & Trout Details

Villa Caruso Restaurant

640 Connaught Dr 2nd Flr, Jasper, Alberta
The Villa Caruso family restaurant has decks with great views at many angles.

(780) 852-3920

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